« Neurotechs are an exchange. They make you realize that you are not alone in dealing with your problems. »

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Created in 2014 to share technical knowledge and expertise in a friendly atmosphere, the Neurotech event succeeds in bringing together not only our neuroscientific community but also a broader community of biology students. The idea is based on the recurrent and daily difficulty for each researcher to know which technique is the most appropriate to explore his scientific question and to also have a permanent contact who masters this technique. In response to this, Doctoneuro has set up monthly sessions of technical seminars led by doctoral students, for the entire scientific community.
The evening is organized as follows : 3 presentations of 10 min, each completed by a 10 min discussion. This event is supposed to be informal with drinks and food, providing a warm atmosphere.

In the first half of 2017, Doctoneuro set up a partnership with Neurex to offer seminars involving scientists from the Basel and Freiburg regions. This way, it is possible to offer our Strasbourg student community the opportunity to meet their counterparts from Switzerland and Germany and thus build a stronger and more open network. In addition, this new partnership gives students the opportunity to be filmed with the possibility of a wide distribution of these events through the Neurex website (This part is still under development).

Doctoneuro positions itself in this project as a catalyst. Thanks to the implementation of these meetings, students themselves become actors in their own community, stimulated by the personal and collective enhancement of each other’s expertise.

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