Back-To-School Day

In order to create a strong cohesive bond between master students and doctoral students in neuroscience, Doctoneuro organizes a back-to-school day. It allows new students to discover the environment in which they will evolve, as well as the people with whom they will be required to interact.

Welcome packs were handed out at a picnic on the campus lawn. In the inner garden of the Doctoral School, they are able to discover the university environment through a poster session presenting the various Strasbourg neuroscience research teams, as well as booths presenting the Neurex association, the Jardin des Sciences and the Doctoneuro association.

A round table is also held to present the professions of project manager and “Flying Technician” as well as two ways to receive thesis funding (the CIFRE grant and doctoral contracts). At the end of the day, students and doctoral students are able to meet for a friendly evening.