Strasbourg’s Neuropole

The Strasbourg Neuropôle brings together 36 research teams, spread over 11 laboratories, working in many areas of fundamental and clinical neuroscience. The aim of the Neuropole University Research Federation is to bring together the various parties involved in fundamental and physiopathological research. All teams, companies, members of the associative world and all health professionals with activity in neuroscience are or may be “members” or “associate members” of the Neuropôle de Strasbourg.

The Neuropôle has agreed to support us financially and partner with us in all our actions.


Neurex is one of the most important European networks in the field of neuroscience, both in a fundamental and applied way. Founded in 2001, it brings together around 100 laboratories and more than a thousand researchers at the universities of Strasbourg (France), Basel (Switzerland) and Freiburg (Germany).

Neurex’s missions are very diverse but are essentially based on training and scientific communication. Throughout the year, Neurex organizes a number of scientific workshops and conferences as well as public events to inform and raise awareness of the research conducted in our laboratories.

Neurex supports us in our technical seminars “Neurotech” and the theatre where we raise awareness of science through the arts for young and old alike.

Jardin des Sciences

The Jardin des Sciences is the scientific mediation service of the University of Strasbourg. Its purpose is to gather citizens and the world of research through a variety of events such as the « Fête de la Science », public conferences, Kids University, etc. Its missions also include the management of the Planetarium in relation to the Astronomical Observatory, work with school audiences and the conservation, inventory and enhancement of the University’s heritage.

The Jardin des Sciences supports us in our efforts to mediate science during events like the Fête de la Science and Kids University.