NeuroPub Quiz 2018 : Brain, beer and questions!

What better way to celebrate Brain Awareness Week than with a quiz organized Tuesday, March 13 by Doctoneuro and Neurex-Neurocampus at The Irish Pub bar? Faced with specific questions on neuroscience, or more general ones about movies ou TV shows, the participants were on fire!

In a cosy pub atmosphere, 6 teams are concentrating beers in hand. Legend has it that lupulin, found in hop flowers used to make beer, has calming properties. In the Middle Ages, the calm of beer drinkers was well known, but science does not prove whether its origin is due to lupulin or chronic stupor from excessive alcohol…

During the quiz, if it was simple enough to name the five emotions of the film Inside Out (Joy, Anger, Disgust, Fear and Sadness) or to link cocaine (an illegal substance with serious consequences on the brain) to a J.J. Cale song, it was much more complicated to recognize the different types of neurons in a picture or find their exact number in cat and dog brains.

The questions, mostly for masters or doctoral students in neurology, gave the only team of students in science communication a hard time. Some questions, such as Monk’s OCD or the title of Guilia Enders’ book, «Gut: The Inside Story Of Our Bodie’s Most Underrated Organ», allowed the team to not finish last and to recover the consolation gift: chocolate! According to a study by Dr Diane Becker in 2006, chewing dark chocolate regularly is good for your health because of its action as a blood-thinner.

Doctoneuro members hosted the quiz with enthusiasm and bilingualism, because yes, it was also in English. It was a fun experience for participants, so we hope for another edition next year to learn more about our brains!

This article was written by Laura Amodio and Manon Cholet
Students in Master of Science Communication at the University of Strasbourg